Female Empowerment in Schools

Current Situation:

  • High female dropout rate
  • Low female literacy rate
  • High teen pregnancy rate/community encourages early childbearing
  • Distinguishing gender roles encouraged by the community, women are encouraged to prioritize housework/home-keeping
  • Skin bleaching trend
  • Female students feel they’re in need of mentor/someone to speak to about female-specific issues
  • No female teachers at school (female teachers not inclined to work in rural areas)
  • Government not adequately paying/employing teachers

Proposed Solution:

  • Employ female teachers who will board at school
  • Offer higher salary to give women incentives to leave a city job
  • Rehabilitate female staff quarters to offer more attractive housing
  • Develop female-teacher run guidance counseling program (sex education, post-graduate planning, office hours, etc.)
  • Rehabilitate campus building to provide private counseling office
  • Create female student group to discuss issues and connect with and inspire one another 
  • Provide room (near counseling office) for student group to meet/hold workshops
  • Create school-wide student assignments and collaborations to bring awareness about inspiring/powerful women in Sub-Saharan Africa

Long-Term Impact:

  • Promote gender equality
  • Decrease female dropout rate and increase college admissions
  • Increase female literacy rate
  • Develop career skills 
  • Support students to return and teach at BHS after college