Pen Pal Exchange

Bumpe High School girls corresponded (pen pal exchange, video conferencing) with  girls at two California high schools. 


  • Bumpe Chiefdom is isolated, rural, and lacks electrical power supply.  There is limited communication across Sierra Leone and even less with the world beyond.
  • Students have little contact with and no direct experience of the world beyond the village.
  • Speaking with girls in any other culture provedes an enriching educational opportunity for both groups.


  • Establish modest international communication with students like themselves in other countries of the world.
  • Use technology (Mail service for pen pal exchanges), internet (Skype and video-conferencing) to meet and talk with girls at schools in Los Angeles and Palo Alto, CA


  • Contact with peers in other countries, continents, and cultures is interesting, stimulating and inspiring in ways that enrich the entire Bumpe School community. *Participants gain an impressive look at some of the lifestyles and differences in distant parts in the world.