Female Empowerment: Fostering Girls' Education


  • High female dropout rate; low female literacy rate
  • High teen pregnancy rate; the community typically encourages early childbearing and home-keeping
  • No female teachers at school; female teachers avoid rural schools
  • Female students need mentors to discuss female-specific issues
  • Government support is not adequate to employ and pay enough teachers


  • Employ female teachers who will room/board at school
  • Offer higher salary to give women incentives to leave a city job
  • Rehabilitate female staff quarters to attractive housing
  • Develop female-teacher run guidance counseling program (sex education, post-graduate and vocational planning, etc.)
  • Rehabilitate campus building for private counseling office


  • Girls attend and remain in school, increase literacy, college attendance and graduation
  • Promote gender equality.
  • Decrease in early marriage, childbearing and child/maternal mortality
  • Increased self confidence, educational and career achievement and leadership among  female students
  • Provide postgraduates who return to teach at BHS!

Cost/ Goal:

  • $25,000 (four teachers; $1250 each/yr for five years)