Construction of Market To Assist Women


  • Bumpe Ngao is the largest Chiefdom in Sierra Leone (44,000)
  • There are just two markets in the Chiefdom (Serabu Town and Bumpe Town)
  • Women (often single or widowed) are a vulnerable group of citizens who work hard to maintain families
  • Many succeed at petty trading, have material to trade, but have no marketplace for selling.
  • Sellers need space to store, display and sell/trade commodities.
  • Many communities need such a marketplace. 


  • Identify and prioritize most practical locations for new  community markets.
  • Design, fund, construct and maintain permanent marketing space in central locations serving largest populations
  • Develop plan for assigning, providing or renting space to individual sellers.


  • Reduce need, cost of transportation for buying/selling essential items.
  • Enable women to store and sell different commodities
  • help farmers sell perishables or other items easily
  • Keep money in the community instead of spent on   transportation
  • Allow spinsters, windows, married women to support their homes
  • Help assure needed commodities are available most of the time
  • Provide centralized trading activities; easier transactions for both buyers and sellers.


  • One market with storage will cost about $15,000.