Building Schools


  • 168 villages within the Chiefdom lack school facilities.
  • More than 20,000 children between age five and ten are not in school because of distance from existing schools.
  • During rainy season, almost unroofed local “classrooms” make school gathering impossible.  And streams run so high that primary students cannot safely reach their makeshift schools.
  • Local communities cannot afford to build the concrete-walled classrooms needed. Thus, temporary dusty, muddy structures are put up and rehabilitated every year.


  • Build permanent schools to support the following resources already in place
  • Land is available to construct schools.
  • Teachers are ready to teach classes.
  • Community people can and will provide local building materials such as sand, stone, sticks, and food for the contractors during construction.


  • 15 Villages are teaching in local structures and are ready to support real schools.
  • Each location has Over 200 pupils, and a minimum of 20 pupils will graduate each year with primary education.
  • Finished permanent structures will cost $12-$19,000 each (depending on the topography)
  • It will educate thousands of pupils in Bumpe Chiefdom with primary education for over 50 years, preparing all of them for possible high school and university education. 
  • Increase and maintain the level of literacy for over 20,000 children age five (5) to twelve years.
  • Provide a safe, accessible learning environment for early learners. This will also encourage children to acquire higher education.