Ebola: Educational Prevention Program

We educated the Chiefdom's people (about 40,000), especially teachers, community youth, and chiefs in 232 villages on prevention, signs, and methods of contracting the Ebola virus. 


  • Ebola spread into rural Sierra Leone where no one knew anything about causes, signs, or prevention of the disease!
  • Ebola is easily spread by people following common cultural practices to care for others.
  • No civic or government programs are in place for public health education.


  • The foundation organized volunteers who travelled to reach and educate about 40,000 residents with information on signs, prevention, means of contracting disease and caring for patients safely.  


  • Many residents of the chiefdom knew how to recognize Ebola symptoms and were prepared to act accordingly when exposed to infected persons.
  • Thousands of residents of Bumpe District were ready to deal with the tragedy caused by Ebola and better prepared than most people to protect themselves and their families and neighbors from death.