Ebola: Hand Washing Supplies

During the Ebola epidemic buckets and chlorine for frequent hand washing were distributed to all the villages within Bumpe Ngao Chiefdom.


  • Villagers learned how to protect themselves from Ebola but had no access to needed materials. They also were unsure how to report visitors who may have had contact with victims elsewhere.
  • WIdely dispersed villages and cost made obtaining needed supplies difficult to impossible.


  • Foundation volunteers used motorbikes to travel to remote sites/villages to distribute buckets, antiseptics and posters with hand washing instructions.
  • Volunteers also hurried to villages to track possible influx of diseased transients and their possible contacts.


  • Residents were equipped with necessary materials to mount protection against Ebola when confronted with infectious visitors.
  • Ebola spread was controlled/reduced/prevented.
  • Lives were spared by timely distribution and availability of supplies.